PDFMerge overview

Automatic PDF or PDF/A conversion

Any important file format – MS-Office, Image, E-Mail, HTML and so on get automatically converted to PDF or PDF/A. On default no additional components or MS-Office are required. The conversion is done directly without any additional applications or printer drivers

Processing of container formats

container formats like ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR as well as the e-mail formats MSG and EML can not only contain one document but also a multitude of subdocuments and with ZIP, 7ZIP, and RAR they can also have an own folder structure. PDFMerge is able to dissolve these structures automatically,

Drafts / templates

Are used for the structuring of documents and quick actualization. They can be produced interactive, used again and can be produced as XML from an own application also.

Supported document formats


Document preview and miniature views

The single documents can be converted to PDF immediatly after the insertion and are therefor viewable via the integrated PDF / Imageviewer.

Read in of existing folder structures from the file system

Existing folder structures can be read in from the file system or be implemented via drag & drop. The names and structures get taken over and can be edited afterwards.

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Features, licensing and activation

  • creates complex and extensive overall PDF documents from various original documents
  • quick conversion and merging also with extensive documents with thousands of pages
  • automated PDF and PDF/A document conversion of many formats and without external applications
  • integrated OCR engine creates searchable PDF-documents from images and scans
  • template files enable a fast actualization when changes occur
  • PDF bookmarks get automatically created from the document structures
  • processes container files (e.g. ZIP, MSG with attachements and so on – also interlaced) and contains their structure
  • insertion of placeholder pages when errors occur and for not convertible formats

You can easily buy our products in our WebShop. (MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, SOFORT and invoice for companies with valid UstID / UID)

Of course you can also inquire directly and get an offer from us for your order.

The products are installed as a DEMO version at the workplace and can be tested with all functions for 30 days. Afterwards, the software must be activated as a full version, otherwise a DEMO stamp will be applied to the generated documents.

Die Lizenzierung der Produkte erfolgt gemäß Ihrer Bestellung für den Arbeitsplatz, TerminalServer oder Server.

Die Lizenzen sind an den Arbeitsplatz gebunden an dem sie aktiviert wurden. Lizenzen können transferiert werden.

Beim Kauf einer Volllizenz erhalten Sie von uns Zugangsdaten zum ProductActivationManager und können dort Ihre DEMO Version als Vollversion aktivieren. Der Freischaltkey wird über einen bei uns im Haus installierten und über Internet erreichbaren Server abgerufen.

Concurrent Use für Terminal Server: Die Software kann beim Concurrent-User-Lizenzmodell auf beliebig vielen Rechnern installiert sein. Der Server registriert die Anzahl der aktuell vergebenen Lizenzen und gewährt jedem prinzipiell berechtigten Benutzer das Recht zur Benutzung. Sind alle Lizenzen vergeben, muss ein zusätzlicher konkurrierender Benutzer warten, bis ein anderer Benutzer seine Session beendet und somit wieder eine Lizenz zur Verfügung steht.

Product Activation

You can activate the products by clicking the user interface on the button “Activate” in the “Info” or “About” or start the Product Activation Manager directly via Start | Programs | Your Product | Product Activation Manager.

Activate Application: ONLINE (Video: PAM – ONLINE Activation)

Activate the product with user ID and password. Select the Application (left side) and then “Activate Application”. You will be prompted for user ID and password and then see all the remaining free licenses to choose from. Select one and click “OK” – Activation Complete! This variant requires an internet connection!

Please note that the licenses are hardware bound. The use on another computer is possible only through a prior release (MOVE) of the already activated licenses.

Move license (to new PC) (Video: PAM – MOVE License)

This option allows to transer a license to a different PC. Input of UserID und Passwort is necessary! Product will remain as demo version on your PC.

OLD PC: ProductActivationManager | select license | „Move License“ Button | Username / Password | OK

NEW PC: ProductActivationManager | select application | „Activate Application“ Button | Username / Password | select license | OK



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  • Creates complex PDF documents from different source documents.